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Razuvaeva Tatiana Aleksandrovna, Candidate of pedagogical sciences, associate professor, sub-department of foreign languages and foreign language teaching technique, Penza State University (40 Krasnaya street, Penza, Russia),

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811.12 - 112 Германская филология


Background. The study of the works by contemporary authors is of particular interest as currently it is quite difficult to surprise the readers and to find creative solutions to produce a strong impression in the process of reading. This proves the relevance of the work devoted to the analysis of the “author’s image” category realization in the works by Vladimir Kaminer, a German writer of Russian origin, which contributes to his peculiarity in the literary world.
Materials and methods. The study used the following methods: theoretical (study and analysis of linguistic literature); practical (linguostylistic analysis of literary text). The practical materials for the analysis were the essays by a German writer Vladimir Kaminer.
Results. The work analyzes different authors’ views of the nature of the “author’s image” category, reveals the basic ways of its realization in texts. In addition, the researcher analyzed the implementation of the author’s image in a number of essays by a German writer Vladimir Kaminer, which allowed to reveal some features of the author’s individual style.
Conclusions. The main expressive-stylistic layers in the essays by Vladimir Kaminer are the following ones: the author-observer, the author-teller and the authornarrator. Each of these performs a special function. The presence of the authorobserver creates a special atmosphere of simplicity and naturalness. The presence of the author-teller gives the narration a concise and objective character. The authornarrator brings a reader closer to the depicted reality. Through dialogues, individual replicas, colloquialisms and oral language imitation the author creates in a reader a sense of maximum immersion into the atmosphere of what he writes about, so that the line between a reader and the idea of the work becomes more transparent.

Key words

“author’s image”, ways of implementation of the author’s image in fiction.

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